Bill Nichol
Chair, Co-Founder
30+ years in capital markets, advisory and investment banking
Former Global Insurance Head at Deutsche Bank
There is no existing commercial proposition that tackles the problem of in-force policy administration inefficiencies.
Financial engineering has focused on asset returns and capital management; technology in InsureTech focuses largely on new business solutions.
PACE is the solution to eliminate this gap and transform a significant part of the global insurance market.
Rui Huang
Executive Director, Co-Founder
15+ years in insurance financial advisory
Former Asia Head at Aon M&A Advisory
Technology and operational expense bases are the most overlooked areas when M&A transactions are assessed and executed in the insurance industry.
The rapid advancements of technologies are largely vacant in insurance portfolio integrations.
PACE is dedicated to bringing modern data capabilities into run-off life insurance and turning long-tail challenges into opportunities.
Jing Lin
Technical Director, Co-Founder
10+ years as insurance focused data scientist
Former Big Data Director at Ping An Insurance
Digital transformation is happening everywhere else but not fast enough in legacy life insurance.
Traditional technology solutions touch surfaces of legacy insurance but typically find it difficult to dig deeper.
PACE brings modern technology and data science in a new business model to the heart of legacy insurance.
Bao Qiang Xiao
Strategy Director, Co-Founder
15+ years in investments and technology startups
CTO roles at various startups and FIG roles at JPM and KKR
New solutions, that combine the powers of technology and capital, has long been overdue in life insurance, even more so than in other financial services industries.
Few companies or their executives possess sufficient focuses on the dual fronts of technology and capital.
PACE and our Co-Founders are optimally constructed to innovate differentiated solutions with true focuses on both modern technologies and creative capital.
Greg Crichton
40+ years as insurance & regulatory lawyer
Director of numerous financial institutions
The insurance industry needs to take advantage of innovative solutions for the benefit of both policyholders and insurers.
Implementing modern technology and data science into legacy insurance is therefore important.
PACE is pioneering new technologies which would ultimately benefit in-force policyholders.